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Through our dedicated coaching program for sustainability leaders,

 we help brands and manufacturers contribute to positive change in the fashion industry.




I am Anna Rönngard. 

This picture was taken just after one of my morning runs. I have a goal of running at least 3 times a week. I have no requirements on myself in terms of speed, length or graciousness. My only requirement is that I get out there 3 times a week, and that I don't stop while running.  






Great to meet you and I am happy you found your way to this page. Let me tell you a bit about me. 

After working in a complex and global organisation in key sustainability positions for many years, having lived in some of the most important production countries, and had the privilege to start my sustainability journey at the grass root, as a Code of Conduct auditor, I have gained a fair bit of experience.


Knowing the ins and the outs of the apparel industry and having personally led and managed the roll out and implementation of projects such as FEM, SLCP, Supplier Ownership, and Traceability in one of the biggest apparel supply chains in the world sets me up to be a pretty useful resource for you.  

I will take you from being unsure of how to practically implement and work with sustainability, to knowing what actions to take, how to measure them and who to engage with to get it done.

My coaching services are ideal for sustainability leaders working in a fashion company that actively wants to create meaningful change with their business.

My role is to move your projects forward by guiding and coaching the person in charge. I have a set format that can be applied to any kind of sustainability initiative and it is designed to get you and your organisation the best possible outcome of your investment.


I help sustainability professionals of all walks of life, from the beginners to the seniors and I look forward to be of service to you. 

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What people have asked about sustainability coaching:

What is a sustainability coach?

The purpose of a sustainability coach is to help you achieve better results for you and your organisation in terms of sustainability. An AMRA sustainability coach will guide you, help you, support you and advise you through specific projects or moments in your career. Our coaching is based on solid experience and knowledge from working many years with sustainability in the fashion industry.   

Which topics can a coach help me with? 

At AMRA we are especially happy to support on supply chain programs since that is where the fashion industry leaves the biggest footprint and where there are so many opportunities to do better. The is why we have developed our Sustainable Supply Chain Accelerator program that will take you from being under resourced, under prioritised and unable to successfully implement capability building in your supply chain, to successfully create a long lasting, positive impact in your supply chain, regardless of the size of team, the maturity of your suppliers or clarity from your management. Read more here. 

What are the benefits of hiring a coach?

The benefits of coaching are many; 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching  (source: ICF)

Thus, hiring an experienced sustainability coach does not only give you access to a knowledgeable bouncing partner, it also means increased chances of promotion, advancements and higher salary for you.

Who needs a sustainability coach? 

A sustainability coach can be needed at different points of a sustainability leader's career.


If you are a beginner, or aspiring to transition into a role of sustainability, a coach can be useful to understand the relationships, the facts and the common practices of sustainability within the fashion industry. 


A more experienced sustainability leader can be helped by a coach as support, sounding board and advisor either when going through a crises or when implementing or initiating more complex, ground breaking or sensitive projects within the organisation or the supply chain.   

How do I convince my employer to pay for a coach?

As sustainability leaders we are often busy with important, exciting and complex projects that neither yourself or anyone else in the organisation have experience from implementing. Hiring a consultant in those situation is what we sometimes think of doing. But many companies have great teams available and it is actually not an extra pair of hand they need, it is a guiding hand. Someone who can bridge the potential pitfalls and valleys you otherwise will experience.

If you want to half the time you spend on onboarding, or the the time it takes you to get up and running with your new, complex sustainability project, then a coach is your answer. Hiring a coach does not mean that we are not capable of doing our job. It means we will get faster and better results because we will have someone to help us steer away from the potential failures and mistakes, and we will be empowered to continue working in that way, long after the coach is gone.  

Investing early in a coach is not only smart from an impact perspective, it will also save you and the organisation time. Moreover, it is a low commitment relationship that can be cancelled at any point the service is no longer needed. There is really nothing to loose. 

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How it works
Image by Martin Adams

How it works!

👉 We start with a 30-min free discovery call. Before taking any decisions we need to get to know each other and understand were you and your company are at, at the moment.

👉 During the call, you will get to answer a few questions so that we can understand your unique situation, what change you want to drive and your organisation better.  

👉 Based on your situation, and also if we are a good fit and we see that we can help you, we will recommend you either our online course or our one-on-one coaching package. 

👉 You, your company and your product will be on the way to more impactful and productive practices that will last long after you are gone.  


AMRA was founded by me, Anna Rönngard, a Swede living and working in Hong Kong at the time. After many years in the apparel and footwear sector, I had a vision of creating a responsible garment supply chain by empowering all of the players in the industry to become leaders.

Central to this vision is my belief in empowering the stakeholders through true partnership and creating incentives for everyone throughout the entire supply chain to ensure that all are dedicated to integrating meaningful and effective sustainability practices into their businesses. 

I have worked for large fashion corporations such as the H&M Group and I have extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry ranging from the factory floors, to creating multi brand industry initiatives, to internal strategy solutions and executions.

Interested to find out more?

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