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Always keep things together?

As leaders we sometimes thinks we always have to keep things together.

Always deliver the best presentations and proposals

Never say anything stupid

Show others we are on top

But I remember this story a few years ago, when a colleague of mine (a person in the top mgmt) was going to do a panel on sustainability in a big and public forum.

After, when I asked him how it went, he said: like sh*t!

And I could tell he was not happy with himself, at all.

He is a person I respect, always enjoyed working with and I think is brilliant.

Hearing him say that he did lousy at that event was a relief to me. "Thank god, he is also human!" I thought to myself.

When I have a bad day I think of him. Maybe I’m helping someone overcome their fear of being lousy, by being lousy I front of them and showing them that it is ok.

We do not always have to keep things together as leaders.

We only need to be human.

Do you agree?

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