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Ever felt like you are only busy collecting data, reading reports, populating surveys?

And not really driving any positive impact? 🤯

Then the answer is spelled INTEGRATION!

Only hiring more people to your sustainability organization will not solve the problem, it will only give you more things to do managing these people, I know, I used to be there. 😵

Integrating responsibility and accountability of sustainability is smarter. 😏

But integration is a delicate matter because it means a changed way of working for many. 😱

So, before you start to integrate sustainability into everyone’s role and responsibility, you need to know if your organization is committed enough to actually drive change. 🤔

If not, please go ahead and hire more people to help you fill in the surveys. That is then, hands down, the best option. 😶

If you instead work for a company that cares about making a difference, but you are unsure of how to get started to convert the ways you are working today into more sustainable ways of working, let me know! 💡

I am currently launching the 4C accelerator program and I am looking for change makers that want to be part of the BETA version which will be starting mid-November. 💪

Seats are very limited so if interested, please send me a message asap and I will tell you more. ✋


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