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I never really understood what a toxic environment was, until I experienced one

I am the kind of person who can deal with quite a heavy workload without getting stressed.

I used to turn the computer off after a busy day, go home and not think a second about work until the next day.

But the day that changed,

👎 the day I started waking up in the middle of the night panicking over next day's presentation

👎 the day I started dreading going into work

👎 the day I started arguing with my family over nothing

👎 the day I abandoned my own values and started trash-talking others behind their back to “fit in”,

That was the day I realised what a toxic environment is, and how incredibly harmful it is.

No job in the world is worth it, I can say that much.

Today I know to whistleblow and make a big freaking fuss about toxic people, because even if no one is listening, standing up for oneself is worth every uncomfortable situation one can ever imagine, I can say that much.

Getting out of a situation like that also makes one pretty damn unbeatable 👊

Happy Friday everyone 🍾😉


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