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Do you want to become an expert on traceability in the apparel and textile industry in one day? Look here!

Our bootcamp is perfect for you who wants a crash course in traceability and a certificate of excellence at the end of it.


During one day we're will teach you all that you need to know about traceability - with guest lecturers from around the world with special knowledge and insight within the traceability area for fashion.   


In order to accomodate for our global audience we have divided the one day boot camp into two days, with one half day session each day.

- One for the Americas and one for Asia.

- Our European participants can choose either. 

The bootcamp will be held early in 2023 but the specific date is not yet decided. We will have a limited amount of spaces and if you want to secure a seat, make sure you register your interest now! 


This is not a binding registration and you can unregister at any time. If you later decide you do not want to join us, there will be no hard feelings, and no fees. 

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