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I am Anna Rönngard. 

This picture was taken just after one of my morning runs. I have a goal of running at least 3 times a week. I don't run very fast, I don't run very far, but I run consistently. Which is also one of the secrets to the successful areas in my life. Not brilliance, nor best performance, but routines and endurance. 

Great to meet you and I am happy you found your way to AMRA. Let me tell you a bit about me. 

I have a long history of being active in the textile and fashion industry, especially in terms of sustainability related change. After working in a complex and global organisation in key sustainability positions for many years, lived in some of the most important production countries, and having the privilege to start my sustainability journey at the grass root, as a Code of Conduct auditor, I have gained a fair bit of experience and insights.


For long, I have been convinced of the need to empower the players within our system, to be more confident. The manufacturers, but also the people working within the brands to achieve positive change: the sustainability leaders.   

Knowing the ins and the outs of the apparel industry and having personally led and managed the roll out and implementation of projects such as FEM, SLCP, Supplier Ownership, and Traceability in one of the biggest apparel supply chains in the world sets me up to be a pretty useful resource for you.  

I will take you from being frustrated about not creating enough change to actively and confidently contribute to a better and more sustainable apparel industry, every day. 

I help sustainability professionals of all walks of life, from the beginners to the seniors and I look forward to be of service to you. 

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