The Change Accelerator is our flagship program we run 2 times a year around the management of driving sustainability change in an organisation.  

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It is a 7-week group coaching program, especially designed for sustainability leaders, that will transform your business teams and middle management from passive bystanders to active sustainability ambassadors. 

It is an industry agnostic program. 


Many sustainability leaders today struggle with creating a sense of urgency and ownership for sustainability in the organisation. Usually sustainability is a siloed department, responsible for any activity related to people and the planet. 

In order to shift that way of working, into a way where sustainability is an integrated part of the business decisions, change management becomes a very important component. 

We know first hand the challenges sustainability leaders face when driving impact in an organisation, which is why this program is specifically designed for them. 


Before signing you up, we take a discovery call to answer all your questions and to understand if the Change Accelerator is a good fit for you and your company, or not. 

We already have several exciting companies signed up and seats are very limited. So make sure to book YOUR discovery call today to save your seat!


We will take you through the process of getting the commitment from top management, setting clarity to the organisation, increasing the confidence of you as a leader, and finally creating a consistency that allows sustainability to be a fully integrated and a natural part of your company DNA for all future.  

The program is given both digitally and with weekly live coaching calls. 

The Change Accelerator Clients. 

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Sandya Lang
Head of Sustainability
Nudie Jeans 

“The discussions with the other participants gave me new insights and the training course was set up in a very organised and structured way. I can highly recommend the course if you want to get more knowledge on how to work with sustainability in your organisation!”

Hannah Croner 
Sustainability Lead
H&M Group

“Through this course, Anna provides the participants with valuable tools to help creating ownership of sustainability throughout the organisation. Anna has great knowledge within the topic and shares it in an inspiring way. I can really recommend this course to anyone who seeks to empower themselves in their role as a sustainability professional. “

Ioana Ruxandra Cotos
Sustainability Manager

“When can I sign up to the next cohort!”