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The Change Accelerator is a 5-week mentorship program for women hired in sustainability roles. This program is designed to help you through the process of driving change and ownership of sustainability within the organisation.

The content of the program is a deep dive into change management and how to drive a changed behaviour in an organisation regardless of who you report to or what your title is. 

The next cohort starts 10th of March.

Sign up below to participate.




This is not a binding registration and you can unregister at any time. If you later decide you do not want to join us, there will be no hard feelings, and no fees. 


During the course of the program, we will take you from feeling lonely, demotivated and with a lack of purpose to learning how to create:








- on the topic of sustainability in and outside your organisation.


- Duration: 5 weeks

- Program is given digitally

- Weekly live coaching calls.

- Bonus materials, reading lists

- Access to a helpful and supportive community. 


Before enrolling in the program, we take a discovery call to understand if we are a good fit for each other, or not. 

We only take in a limited amount of people. Make sure to sign up today to save your seat!

The next cohort starts 10th of March.

After this program, you as an individual will experience a new level of confidence and empowerment in your role.  

Welcome to Change Accelerator!


Sandya Lang
Head of Sustainability
Nudie Jeans 

“The program gave me new insights and the training course was set up in a very organised and structured way. I can highly recommend the course if you want to get more knowledge on how to work with sustainability in your organisation!”

Hannah Croner 
Sustainability Lead
H&M Group

“Through this course, Anna provides the participants with valuable tools to help creating ownership of sustainability throughout the organisation. Anna has great knowledge within the topic and shares it in an inspiring way. I can really recommend this course to anyone who seeks to empower themselves in their role as a sustainability professional. “

Ioana Ruxandra Cotos
Sustainability Manager

“When can I sign up to the next cohort!”

Unsure of what you need? Contact me and book a call below. 

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