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A great tagline, or a bold commitment is great!

A great tagline, or a bold commitment is great! Really great, I love a great goal.

It was like when I told my children last weekend when we were climbing a hill in the forest "let's try to get to the top".

Child: "But there are rocks, water, and steep slopes in the way, and I don't know how to get up there"

Me: "Ok, you need to use your own legs and feet, but I will hold your hand on the steep slopes. I also do not know how to get up there, but we will do it together."

And after a while we made it.

When setting a goal, or an ambition that we want the organisation to implement, we might not have all the answers on how to get there, but let's make sure we have a clear support function available to bounce, guide and encourage the teams when crossing the difficult parts.

If it’s just an inspirational tagline, you will most likely lose your organisation and not reach your goal.

Do you agree?


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