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AMRA Traceability Academy

As I was getting more and more interested in the topic of traceability,

I realised there was a lack of good learning centres and platforms to exchange ideas and solutions on traceability in the fashion and apparel industry.

I found it odd as this has become such an important topic to manage for any apparel brand, big and small, due to coming legislation, consumer demand and an increased awareness of the value chain’s importance to meet brand’s goals on climate, water, and social justice.

So I had a choice:

- Keep on learning on my own

- Keep on learning together with others

I ended up going for the second option and created the AMRA Traceability Academy.

The more people I bring on to interview and learn from, the more I understand and the more ideas I get on how to solve some of the biggest challenges we are facing right now as an industry.

But the best thing is that I can also share it with others who are struggling with exactly the same questions.

If you are looking for an interactive, community based platform to learn more about traceability and supply chain challenges and solutions, let me know in the comments below, and I will send you an invitation to the platform.


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