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Are we still talking about that??

Coming back to work after 12 months of incredible Swedish maternity leave

was interesting in many ways.

Although those 12 months had been great, I was ready to get back into action and super charged to start working.

But one thing that struck me were all the unresolved questions that was still debated.

Did we not move on this project/topic/challenge/roadblock anything the last 12 months???

After experiencing the same thing two times (I have two children), I realized that so many projects within a company are left unresolved and one can wonder why.

Three main reasons I see why sustainability projects many times comes to a halt are:

💥 Lack of internal buy-in due to difficulties in quantifying the positive impact.

⏰ Lack of time from responsible person to dedicate enough time to resolve it.

🏃‍♀️ Insecurity on being the first mover. Better to wait and see how others solves it, rather than leading and potentially fail.

From your perspective, what do you think is the main reason to why projects/initiatives are not moving forward? I’d love to hear your comments on it below. 👇👇


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