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Correct or not, I don’t know

Correct or not, I don’t know, but the responsibility to get the organisation to work on sustainability, normally falls on the sustainability leader.

When doing so, it is easy to feel that we are “dumping” work on our colleagues, rather than giving them an exciting opportunity.

After working with integrating sustainability into an organisation for more than a decade, I know that a few things are more effective than others.

Here are my top 4 things to do:

🩱 Understand what is on your audience’s minds? What do they struggle with?

💕 Strategize around how sustainability can serve as an opportunity to solve their challenges.

🕒 Present your request to them in a way so they feel it is meant for them.

🎛️ Follow them up on the progress rather than the outcome.

Which one of the four do you think is most interesting? 🤔


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