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Delegate sustainability

Many company leaders think they can delegate sustainability to someone else, like a sustainability department or person.

One of the keys to be successful with one’s sustainability strategy, is active ownership of sustainability from the leadership.

Ownership from the teams are of course important, but unless the leadership fully integrates sustainability into their decision making process, we can forget about getting it out to the organisation.

So that is where you need to start.

Here are few tips to get them onboard. To me, number 2 is the most interesting.

🗣️ Candidly tell them what you need from them.

🌡️ Help them set up KPIs which measure the level of initiation rate, rather than the outcome, from the organisation.

🌎 Educate them

If you want to understand more about number 2 and how to achieve that, comment “KPI” below and I will share an explanation.


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