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Experiencing a dip in motivation?

Experiencing a dip in motivation?

This can happen when we:

👉 sense a lack of progress

👉 feeling lonely in our role

👉 responsibilities are confusing

👉 or when our tasks become more admin and maintenance oriented than impact driven.

It is completely natural.

Here is what you need to do to improve the situation:

1️⃣ Focus on the activities where quick progress can be found. Quick wins are more important than we think to keep our motivation up.

2️⃣ Keep yourself organised with recurring routines. Consistency and persistency is the key to success, although it might not always feel like it.

3️⃣ Get yourself into a community of people who share your situation. Being able to share and bounce with people who understands us gives unexpected energy and inspiration.

Which one of the three is your favourite?


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