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HOW you listen to people

I long though this was obvious to most, but over the years I have to come to realise that it isn’t. And to be honest, I sometimes find it hard too.

That is: HOW to listen.👂

As a sustainability leader wanting to succeed with integration of sustainability, listening might be the most powerful tool you will ever get your hands on.


Because through listening to the organisation, and not give them all the answers, you will enable the confidence within them to take off and run with the task.

But how do you then listen in order to get the best result? 🤔

Well, it is not just about hearing what the other person is saying and then do nothing.

Drum roll please…. 🥁🥁🥁

You also need to ASK questions.

This is not rocket science people, but can still be so hard to master.

To be a good listener, you want to hear what the other person is saying, and instead of jumping into the solutions or refer to own experiences, you want to understand more.

That is done by asking questions, dig deeper, investigate, show an interest, care about the person you speak to.

After that is done, you might want to support with brainstorming about the solution, but not before the person you are LISTENING to have gotten a chance to find the answers within them.

Most powerful tool, hands down, you will ever encounter.

Do you know a good listener? Tag them below 👇👇


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