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I read an article on traceability

I read an article on traceability published by Good On You a while back, but I will not link to it here because I do not agree with it.

I agree with some of the facts of the article, but not the tone.

In the article they criticise brands that claims to be transparent when they only disclose their tier 1, and even going as far as calling it green washing.

Disclosing their tier 1 suppliers is a step in the right direction for any brand and should be celebrated, not demonised.

Achieving full visibility into an apparel supply chain is something almost no one have been able to achieve yet. That does not mean these brands are bad actors or have bad intentions.

Many brands are actively working on getting around the challenge of traceability, if for no other reason because legislation will very shortly require them to do so. They are not sitting around thinking about how they can mislead the consumer in the most effective way.

Let’s give them some credit, for once.


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