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I used to be lazy and confused

Lazy and confused about my role as a sustainability leader.

It was always part of my role to “empower” the organization to work more sustainably. But to be honest, for a long time, I never knew how to do it.

I believed that just informing someone about what they need to do would do the trick.

After trying and failing a few times with that tactic, I realized that information was not enough to get the organization to take ownership of sustainability.

It was actually kind of lazy, and I didn’t see my role as the convener and enabler clearly.

Over the years, I have instead learned that there are 7 key things that one should do to create empowerment in the organization around sustainability.

Here are the top 3:

💥 Building confidence and knowledge. A proper understanding of the background and purpose of what we are doing, and why, needs to be achieved among the organization to build their confidence.

💥💥 Regular follow up and support. Offer support and use the right KPIs to track and measure performance, rather than dumping and then never looking back.

💥💥💥 Update of the role description. Clearly make it part of each person’s role description to work on, and own sustainability.

If you want to see my list with all 7 points, please comment “Empowerment” in the comments below 👇👇

or send me an email and I will share the list with you.


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