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Managing a supply chain is complicated

Managing sustainability in a supply chain even more so.

Managing sustainability in a supply chain from the distance... don't get me started on the complexity that comes with that.

But when we want to simplify complexity we need to start with the basics.

Get the basic understanding of your supply chain in the door, and take it from there.

I did not truly start evolving in my role as a sustainability leader until I realised the power of asking and driving the "basic" questions.

Here are 3 basic questions you can ask about your supply chain:

👉 How many suppliers are we buying from?

👉 Which ones of those are strategic, and why? Is sustainability performance part of the strategic definition?

👉 Which are the three most impactful projects we are running in the supply chain right now?

If you want to share the answers with me, I'd love to hear them in the comments below. 👇👇


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