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Reading this book gave me a lot of perspective on life

If many of us are going to live until we are 100 years old, we can’t stop working and retire at 65. We will probably have to be at it for a bit longer than that.

And this is not a curse, it's an opportunity.

An opportunity to grow. Because it is when we change direction, do something new, take a break, acquire a new skill, become beginners again mid-life that we grow. And now, more than ever, it is fine (almost required) to do so.

Living until we are 100 years old means a long work life, which gives us a lot of opportunity to experiment and grow.

I have changed positions and direction many times in my life and every time I have been a beginner at first, but after some time I have grown into a better, more experienced person than I was going into it.

Starting and running my own business is my latest, and very exciting, challenge.

What challenges have you taken on lately? 👇👇


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