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Struggling to hire the right talent to your sustainability team?

Are you also struggling to hire the right talent to your sustainability team?

Look no further,

I have just the hack for you.

It will spear you the hassle of recruitment agencies,

the headache of going through millions of applications and still not finding the right one,

and finally, the extra burden of managing more people.

The hack is...

INTEGRATION of sustainability into the business!

Now you probably say: "but they are no climate experts, they can't do LCAs, and they are not updated on the recent legal framework".

That is correct, NOW.

As long as you do the job for them, they will never be able to own the outcome and the results of your sustainability agenda.

Integration is a long-term, strategic investment in the organisation. Which, in my mind, is the only way for organisations to survive the future.

I’ll soon be launching the 4C accelerator program, which is a transformational approach to integration, and I am looking for change makers that want to take part of the BETA version which is starting mid-November.

Seats are very limited so please send me a message asap and I will tell you more.


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