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Summarize 2021

Last year I wrote an article to summarise the past year.

To summarize 2021, I write two words:

💥 Climate

💥 Traceability

The climate crises we are in hasn’t escaped many, and the need for a traceable supply chain in order to address it, is well known.

It has been the right focus, and needs to continue to be so.

What about next year then?

Although I have no crystal ball, I dare to guess that we will see an additional sustainability focus in 2022, and it is integration. Integration of sustainability.

We have come to a point where companies who keep sustainability isolated will not meet their sustainability goals and will be left behind, whereas the ones who mange to empower every part of their organisation to drive and own sustainability, will be the long term winners.

I can’t tell you how much I look forward to next year.

What do you thing will be the big sustainability topic for 2022? 👇


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