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The worst feelings

One of the worst feelings I used to experience in one of my previous roles was not being included in the decision making.

Do you hate that feeling as much as I do?

That things are just decided over your head, and then you are expected to act on them?

Today I use that experience as something positive though.

Nowadays, whenever I want people to do things with me, I bring up that feeling within myself.

The feeling of being excluded, overlooked and unimportant, and it fires me up!

That fire reminds me to not only ask my people for their input and involve them, but I will make sure they know they are the most important stakeholder in the whole world.

Regardless of if I want them to execute on a strategy, work towards a goal or align on a new process, they are my key to success and they need to know it.

What do you do to get the right level of engagement with the team? Would love to hear it in the comments below 👇


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