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There are two types of sustainability leaders

And I know one group is very frustrated.

What's common for both groups is they are driven by making a change and contributing to positive impact of people and planet.

But the difference is one of the groups is achieving that, while the other keeps finding itself in a place where nothing happens.

✅ The first group understands that they are the enabler and have managed to engage the organisation to get the work done

❌ The second group is stuck in an executor role and is overloaded with everything that has to do with sustainability

✅ The first group confidently requests output from the organisation

❌ The second group feels under-prioritised and never gets the attention they need

✅ The first group is guided by clear goals and knows what is expected from them

❌ The second group doesn’t know where to start and sometimes have the feeling they are walking in glue

The main difference between these groups is how well they have managed to integrate sustainability into the organisation.

Which group do you want to belong to? In the end, it’s really your choice.

To learn more about my 4C accelerator where I help sustainability leaders integrate sustainability into the business, click the imagelink to learn more and sign up.


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